Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paul Predicted

An epidemic spread throughout the world last summer:
The symptoms were:
- sore throat (from shouting for one's team)
- headache (from drinking too many beers)
- stomach-ache (from too many grilled sausages)
- dehydration (from sweating through every match)
- hallucinations (of one's team coming home with the cup)

You know, honestly if being sick were normally this much fun, I'd never wash my hands again!

During tournaments, it's fascinating to see how superstitious people, who are usually very rational, can become; even methods employed for predicting winners can pretty much run the gamut.

Before each game, our family checked the internet to see what Paul the Octopus had predicted.  His track record was incredible (at the end of the 2010 WC, 100% of his predictions were correct) so we eagerly watched with bated breath to see if he'd pick the box with our flag on it.

Despite Paul's track record his popularity quickly diminished when he anticipated a win for our opposing team.  They -of course- won and many called for him to be turned into calamari, poor guy.

Come 2012, when the European Cup is held, the fickle world of soccer fans will have to find a new source to forecast their matches as Paul - already a senior as far as octopuses go during the WC - recently died of natural causes.

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Hope you are having a great start to your new year!