Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls...

When I was pregnant with my second child, I was convinced that I was going to have a 2nd boy.

It will sound ungrateful, but honestly I was desperate for a girl. My big boy was pure boy and I loved the new subjects he had introduced into my life: dinosaurs, trains, soccer, etc. But I was ready to indulge in pink, sparkly, girly territory. To add to my predicament everywhere I went there were the cutest things for girls.

Wonderful girl stuff!
These butterflies are magnets which 
have satin ribbons glued to them.

It was on one of these shopping excursions that I found the most heavenly angel ornaments in a chic little boutique. I promised myself that if I had a girl, I would decorate a Christmas tree with them in her honor. I already did this for my son in the form of an Advent tree, so I'd make her one too.

On this tree: Lights, butterflies, pink pearls,
  star garland, angel ornaments, 24 advent sacks

Well, I did end up having a girl (Thank you!, Thank you!, Thank you!) and for her first Christmas she received her first set of ornaments. Since then, it has become our tradition that we each get to pick out a new one every year. Before Advent, we unpack her delicate angels and reminisce about when we got them and which ones are our favorites and pick out the perfect spots where the new ones should hang. It's everything that I had imagined it would be like having a girl.  I’m so grateful.

In honor of learning to read: one of
2010's  selections

If you are curious as to how I ended up decorating my son’s tree, I’ll give you a hint: the theme is extinct.  Come back next week to find out! 

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